Commercial Tenant/Build Outs

Commercial Tenant Build-Out

Whether you’re relocating to a new building, expanding your current location, or just making changes to fit the needs of a new tenant; AO Electric can service any situation.

With any commercial tenant build-out, experienced and certified electricians are essential in order to be sure that the project is completed successfully. Our highly trained electricians will make it their duty to ensure that the build-out process can be completed within a reasonable budget in a timely manner. Our team of skilled professionals will work with you from the initial consultation until the project is completed, to ensure that all of your needs are met and everything is up to code standards.

It’s vital to choose an experienced electrician to complete the build-out so that every aspect of the project is done thoroughly and correctly. Otherwise, you’ll risk the health and safety of your tenants, customers or any persons entering or exiting the property.

With every tenant build-out, we provide electrical planning and design to full-service installation. We professionally work with commercial contractors and builders that are also working on the project.

A commercial tenant build-out is a great way to improve the value of the building and improve the relationship between the tenant and the property owner. Whether you own an office building, retail store, apartment complex, government building or any other commercial property, AO Electric can help you upgrade, repair or install the electrical work needed to have a highly functional building to serve all of your business’s needs.

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