Commercial Services

Tenant Finishes
AO Electric specializes in electrical services such as tenant finishes for your commercial building. Our fully licensed and insured electricians are available to help any business take the necessary steps that are needed to safely and swiftly move into their new commercial space. With years of experience, we understand that time, money and safety are all huge factors when it comes to getting tenants ready for business. It is our highest priority to ensure that we finish any electrical wiring and installations in the new building as quickly and accurately as possible with the quality service you need for a safe and effective commercial space. 

We understand how stressful it can be to begin the process of completing a commercial space for any business owner. Therefore, we try to make the process as stress-free as possible by ensuring that all electrical work is up to code, providing excellent work instead of cutting corners and trying our best to hit any deadlines so that business can be up and running.

Service Upgrades
It is vital that you make sure the commercial building that you are operating from is able to sustain the electrical demand that is required for your business to properly function.

Whether you are operating out of an old or new building, we want to ensure that it is safe for anyone operating in the building, as well as having the capacity to properly attend to your business needs. Whether it’s a wiring system that needs upgrading or the electrical equipment connected to the wiring system, we guarantee that we have the best solution for you.

Lighting Upgrades
The building your business is operating from may have an outdated lighting system that is in need of some real upgrading. The certified electricians at AO Electric can quickly upgrade your lighting system with ease. Sometimes those older systems are burning so much electricity it can burn a hole in your wallet. Allow us to switch you over to a cost-effective, eco-friendly lighting system that can be one of the most profitable investments you’ll make as a business owner.

Parking Lot Lighting
Proper parking lot lighting is so important to the success of any business. When a parking lot is poorly lit, it compromises the safety and well-being of a company’s employees and/or customers. When a business fails to provide enough lighting for their parking lot, they provide little deterrent to prevent crimes such as robbery, theft, vehicle break-ins and worse. The lack of lighting also risks potential customers to assume your business is closed, resulting in the loss of profit. AO Electric provides exactly what your company needs in order to make it a safer and more profitable place of business.

LED Upgrades and Conversions
LED lighting, aka light-emitting diode, has become the preferred choice for commercial use. Upgrading or converting to LED lighting can produce monetary savings and less energy consumption for your business. LED lights have a longer life expectancy than traditional lights, more concentrated brightness and a faster response time. Due to LED lights having over 100,000 hours of life, you or even your maintenance employee can spend your time completing far more important tasks than constantly changing light bulbs.

The overall function of an LED lighting system is to simply offer a better quality of affordable lighting than any other option, and your staff and customers will thank you for upgrading.

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